- an interactive journal

On 3rd of September 2012, the Orion II set off for Borneo from Singapore. The ship had been chartered for and onboard were 40 of the world’s top CEO’s, and their wives, as well as invited speakers including His Excellency Jose Ramos-Horta, Alexander Downer and General Peter Cosgrove (Retired) and now Governor General of Australia. (Chief Executives Organization) is the only independent graduate organization of YPO. Membership is by invitation only and limited to 2,000 global leaders. An invitation to become a member of CEO is extended only to those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership credentials in YPO, business, government, or their community.

Over the next ten days the passenger would visit deserted islands, jungles, Orangutang parks, opulent mosques and small fishing villages. During that time I photographed locations, individuals, 360˚ panoramas, onboard events and recorded audio soundbites.

Each night I would compile all of the days media content into the Interactive iPad Journal resulting in an interactive experience made available for those sailing who had brought along their iPads.
The result was 17 360˚ panoramas, over 60 still images and several audio selections in branded interface. 

Each panorama linked to a page designating a particular day of the journey and an event that occurred on that day. In the following example from Monday 3rd of September, was the first night onboard Orion II. The organizing committee had arranged a special “Jungle” themed dinner on the rear deck and the crew had participated by dressing up for the occasion.

The page presents the interactive 360˚ panorama, a brief description of the event and a thumbnail image, that when tapped, opens to reveal a full screen slideshow containing images taken of the crew and passengers. If the iPad is rotated the multi-screen page is replaced by a full screen version of the 360˚ panorama.