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Heading past the coastal resort from Hvar town, there lies Hvar’s most beautiful village, the abandoned ethno – eco village of Malo Grablje.

To wander around these village, abandoned in the 50’s, amidst a backdrop of cliffs, gives you an insight into authentic Dalmatia. These homes were relinquished as the locals moved to Milna, in search of a better life, and more economic stability. The village however, is not totally abandoned. A Mr. Berti Tudor has restored his family home and opened a small family restaurant, offering traditional meals prepared with ingredients found in the surrounding area of Malo Grablje. Berti lives only by the food and products of his zone, from wine to olive oil, rosemary, sage, capers and basil.

This abandoned village is a testament to the tenacity of a strong willed culture. Such a beautiful and tranquil setting.

Covered walkway to the old mill

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