Chance encounters in Recoleta

During our tour of the Recoleta Cemetery, in front of Rufina Cambacérés tomb, we met two couples, one from our home state of South Australia and the other couple from New Jersey in the United States. They were standing in front of Rufina's tomb and as I struck up a conversation I realised that they weren't aware of the history behind the tomb. 

Canon 6D, Canon 8-15mm Zoom Fisheye (set at 15mm), Nodal Ninja 5 w RD-16 Rotator, Feisol Tripod

I told them of the tragic story surrounding Rufina's death and her internment in the tomb. They were certainly surprised at the story behind the tomb and learnt a little about the amazing history of the cemetery.

Talk about chance encounters as a couple of days later, during the San Telmo street market, we popped into a corner BBQ where there was a band playing and they were cooking slabs of meat over an open grill. We bought a choripan, a churrasco and a couple of beers, and sat down only to find the SA couple right behind us! Small world.