Roundme Releases Pro Version

Back in 2012 a bunch of guys working in the commercial real estate market wanted to create 360˚ virtual tours of their properties and showcase them in VR, so their clients would be able to view and interact with listings from anywhere. They quickly discovered that creating a professional VR tour is complicated and after some research they were unable to find a solution. So they decide to create their own and came up with the concept of Roundme.

The Fort at Onguma - a Roundme Virtual Tour

Roundme is a service and community dedicated to promoting and sharing panoramic VR photography and it's now expanded from it's original premise, to provide real estate tours, to covering the world with panoramic images, making every corner of the world accessible for any Roundme user.

I published my first Roundme VR Tour almost two years ago and have been active on the service ever since. The platform allows me to create unique tours, supported by video, images and text, that enhance each 360˚ panorama and allow me to create compelling narratives.

Roundme have now announced a Pro Version that allows users to take their VR Tours to a new level with a number of new features that include Unlimited Uploads, High Quality images up to a whopping 65,000 pixels, Multiresolution Support for the best presentation quality, Custom Branding to enhance your customers work, Safe and Secure Storage that allows you to retrieve your original files, Unlisted Spaces that provide privacy for online viewing and a Pro Badge to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Roundme have updated their website, and media kit, to reflect the changes and I'm honoured that they have chosen my work to illustrate the potential of the platform. They have chosen to use my tour of the Fort at Onguma, seen above. The following images represent the work used.

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So congratulations to a great group of guys/gals that have strived to create a beautiful place for my work to be seen, thank you.