360º Panorama on A1-DES 70" LCD Tablet Monitor

At CeBit Sydney I had the opportunity to view one of my recent 360º panoramas on A1-DES's 70" LCD Electronic Touch Panel Tablet Monitor.

This incredible device allows multi-touch manipulation directly on the screen so you can pinch and zoom, rotate, draw on it and surf the internet.

Once I'd loaded the page I selected the fullscreen option and the panorama filled this huge screen, then with a gentle swipe of a finger on the screen I could pan around the panorama much to the delight of the A1-DES people and those visiting the booth.

Without wanting to monopolise the booth too much I managed to get a couple of pictures. I'm planning a followup visit to their offices to try some more samples and hopefully shoot a video of the panoramas in action.

More information on A1-DES