Denis Smith Ball of Light Workshop

the free zone

Over 3 fantastic nights more than a hundred people witnessed, experienced and created an amazing light show. There were lights, wands, torches and wires being twirled, waved, pulsed and even juggled to create thousands of patterns in the darkness.

Denis invited me along to document the experience in my 360˚ panoramas. I feel these panoramas, shot using long exposures, give you some idea and the unique environment we all found ourselves in and the magic created in the dark.

The workshop was held in a large tin building, part of Hart's Mill in Port Adelaide and sponsored by Canon Collective, Home-Our Port and food supplied by Red Lime Shack. The area was divided into different zones, Ball of Light, Portraits, Freezone and Hot Rod, each zone designed to offer a perspective into a particular form of light painting.

portrait zone

Along side Denis were a great group of volunteers helping to run the zones, shoot the video and manage the event.

  • Kyrie – Door and general organisation
  • Sam Collins – Video production
  • Steve Huddy – Canon Zone and Hot Rod Zone Manager 
  • Stephen Mulberry – Portrait Zone Manager
  • Ben Woods - Free Zone Manager
  • Gavin Thompson - Ball of Light Zone Manager
  • Lindsay Poland - Hot Rod Zone Manager
  • Jay Collier - Canon Zone and Hot Rod Zone

hotrod zone

Sam Collins, Denis's partner, created this video to promote the Light Painting workshops and it gives you a great idea of what to expect.

The 360˚ Panoramas were shot either on a Canon 5D Mark 2, 15mm lens, 6 images around and 1 up, 130 seconds at f8 on a Nodal Ninja rotator or on a Canon 6D, 8mm lens, 6 images around, 130 seconds at f8. The images were stitched using PTGui, and published through Pano2VR. 

See more 360˚ panoramas and photographs of Denis in action or visit his and Sam's website Smith and Collins