Nick Rains - Capturing the World

Nick presenting his seminar on the art and practice of travel photography


By the time we'd alighted from the tram in Collingwood the winter sun was setting and night was falling fast. It was only a few blocks from the tram stop but it was dark when we arrived at the Centre for Contemporary Photography and the location for our good friend and renown photographer, Nick Rain's seminar and book launch. 

The centre itself is a squat building on a corner block and doesn't give away much information about itself however upon entering the gallery it's a very welcoming space and it was obvious that Nick's evening was going to be well attended. In fact by the time the presentation started there was standing room only.

For those of you who have never seen Nick speak or present, he is a most captivating presenter. His knowledge and his experience come through in a most humble way and he is more that willing to share his thoughts and techniques with the audience. 

If you would like to read more about Nick visit his website at and if you want to purchase his book Capturing the World - The Art and Practice of Travel Photography visit