Day #1 Adelaide Road Trip

Sydney to Yass

Kelly and I are off to Adelaide to spend Xmas & New Year with my mother. Unfortunately mum's not too good at the moment and not really able to travel so we are off to visit. We love the wide open plains of Australia and look forward to the three day drive from Sydney to Adelaide.

This time we are going via Yass, Hay and Loxton arriving in Adelaide on the 17th.

Our plan today was to leave by lunchtime. It just goes to show that no matter how many times we go away we are either scrambling to make a plane or else futzing around trying to get everything done in the last minute or two. In our case hours.

Our goal today is to make it to Yass before nightfall, that’s a distance of 283 km from Sydney and for the beginning part it’s mostly freeway from our house to well outside of the city.

Here they are again, not looking too happy with their lot

It got later and later until finally we were ready to drop off the furkids. Usually they go to kitty camp at Hanrob but the local vet, just down the road, has opened their own camp and the kids are going there. It’s great because they have all the medical history for Rupert and Peanut and they know them.

So by about 3:30pm we finally hit the road. I’m supposed to drop a xmas present off in the city but I decide I’ll post it from Yass as going anywhere near the city will take us an hour to get in and out.

So we find ourselves in the Cross Town tunnel and as we head for the distributor and shortly after entering it we see flashing , “congestion ahead”, sign. Well that was the understatement of the year. It was congested for the next 50 kilometers, the freeway was just jammed. It wasn’t until we were clear of Campbeltown did it start to clear up. Finally we were free!

It was heading into sunset as we entered the Yass Valley and the views were magnificient. We passed the Yass Wind Farm with it’s giant turbine fans turning slowly in the evening wind. The farm is about 25km east of Yass.

Yass Valley windfarm

It was quite cloudy but clear and the further into the valley we got and the closer to Yass the more dramatic the sunset got.

Sunset in the valley

We finally arrived in Yass at around 7:30 and checked into the Colonial Lodge Motor Inn where we were given a room on the first floor that had a great view over the town from the top of the stairs.

Sunset over Yass

Sunset over Yass

We had contemplated going out for dinner but after the day we’d just had all we wanted to do was crash. We had a bunch of left over food that we’d grabbed from the fridge on the way out so we headed to Woolies for some crackers and pâté and cracked a Rose of Virginia back in the room before passing out.