Day #2 New Guinea Adventure

We started the day trying to repair the damage done by the Chocolate Hazelnut pudding the night before by heading to the gym. After a good hour of stretching, bike, rowing, abs and weights we had slightly diminished a small bit of the damage.

This morning we are off to take the wheels that Adam gave us back to him, grab a coffee then head back to the hotel to pick up our bags and grab a taxi to Orion.
Cairns certainly caters for the holiday traveller and there are lots and lots of bars, cafes, backpacker lodges and event booking places. But not so subtle advertising.

That's my kind of advertising!
Once again time gets away from us and after we’ve dropped off the wheels, picked up some essential supplies it’s back to the hotel, check out and head off to the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal.

The new Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal

As we have arrived early, about two hours before most quests, there is on one at customs or departures so we get through the bag inspection pretty quick. Once through we are met by Andrew who shows us the room we need to shoot the 360 Panoramas of.  Today, before we sail, in fact before the quests board, we have to have 3 rooms photographed! It was a bit of a rush but we managed to get a number of the rooms shot, there are still more to go and we will get to it at the next ship turnaround in Rabaul in 10 days.

By about 3pm all of the passengers were onboard and we cast off from the Terminal and headed out of Cairns for the Coral Sea and the first port of call in Papua New Guinea, Alotau.

Leaving the Terminal
Looking back at Cairns past lifeboats
Tony shooting as we leave 
One of the 
Orion deck crew 
Hills around Cairns

Once we were on our way drinks and snacks were served on the sun deck.

Kelly on deck 

During welcome drinks I got the opportunity to meet Nick Rains and Peter Eastway for the first time and introduce myself.

Nick and Peter

Shortly after that we had our lifeboat drill, our mandatory briefing on all things ship wise, an introduction to the Expedition Team and our first meeting with the infamous Mick Fogg, Expedition Leader.
Tony in lifejacket
Kelly in lifejacket

After that it was the first of the many Serge Dansereau dinners we would experience onboard. Unfortunately about halfway through the meal Kelly wasn’t feeling too good, there was quite a bit of a swell as we made our way through the Coral Sea, so she took off to the cabin while I finished up in the dining room.

Poor old Kelly had a bit of a rough night of it as we ploughed on through the Coral Sea. Hopefully it will be calmer up around New Guinea.