Exploring VR with Daniel

I spent a very entertaining and illuminating couple of hours with Daniel Camilleri this morning during a break in his VR Testing at Adelaide University.

Here I'm testing the Oculus Rift and looking at a 360˚ panorama I shot from the walls of Dubrovnik, one of several of my panoramas Daniel is using as an introduction before the test begins.

Daniels doing research into reaction times to locate specific objects in 360˚ panoramas using Oculus Rift VR Headsets and driving game controllers. I helped him with loaner equipment and a lesson on shooting and without ever having shot or stitched a 360˚ panorama he went out to the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide and shot 200 panoramas that he incorporated into his testing platform. A fantastic effort and the results are very good.

He has also created a quick way to test for IPD, interpupillary distance, the distance between the center of the pupils of the two eyes with a funky pair of glasses that I'm modelling.

If you get the opportunity to try out the Oculus Rift I'd recommend it, some of the demonstration pieces that come with the gear are spectacular.