Goodbye to Rupert

The inner Tiger is revealed

the box that started it all

After 15 years, countless misadventures, and far more than his allotted nine lives, we've finally said goodbye to Rupert. 

With memories of 'joining' Red Square, sleeping on our monitors, jumping into client meetings, climbing bookshelves, hanging from rain gutters, getting stuck in trees, disappearing over rooftops, sneaking into neighbours' houses, playing guerrilla-jungle-kitty in the tall mondo, lazing in the sunshine, not to mention your scratching-post love of our timber furniture, that deep, rumbly lion's purr, and your unwavering, life-long addiction to cardboard boxes…

…R.I.P little buddy. You are missed.

I'd like to express my gratitude to the doctor's and staff at the Balmain Village Veterinary Clinic for the love and care they gave to Rupert in the last few months of his life. 

Flat out with not a care in the world

Sneaking into the suitcase we were packing. Assumed he would be joining us.

Exploring the xmas tree.

Keeping a wary eye out for trouble