Graffiti Mondo Street Art Tour

Last night Kelly and I had the opportunity to see and photograph some of Buenos Aires famed Street Art. Before we left on our Antarctica/Buenos Aires trip I contacted the team at Graffiti Mondo and they set up a private tour that would take place around sunset.

Canon 6D, Canon 8-15mm Zoom Fisheye (set at 15mm), Nodal Ninja 5 w RD-16 Rotator, Feisol Tripod

About 20 minutes into the tour, as we were heading north from San Telmo to Palermo, a light rain started to fall. As the sunset and the lights came on this made for some wonderful reflections of street and business lights on the wet roads.

At one particular point there is a large market and the exterior walls are covered by artworks from various artists who created them during a Street Art Festival. This is a shot of Sorcha, our guide for the evening, in front of one of the many pieces of art. An expat Irish, she had a wealth of knowledge about the city and the art pieces.