Street View HTML Code Generator

Thanks to  Jim Popenoe for altering me to the fact that Herman Stankov has posted a brilliant Street View Code Generator that Herman created.

The Generator will automatically generate all of the code that you need to create an HTML page that displays your photosphere. Just follow these steps:

1. Start Google Maps and open your Contributions panel and scroll down to the photosphere you want use. In this case it's the Historical Village of Hokkadio.

2. Select the photosphere to view it.

3. Tap on the 3 dots on the information panel, and from the drop down menu select 'Share or Embed Image'. In the dialog window copy the highlighted URL.

4. Navigate to the Street View Code Generator, paste the code into the 'Enter pano URL' check field and select 'Check'.

The generator displays your photosphere, and you can adjust it further if you want. As you adjust the photosphere, parameters within the code change to reflect the new parameters.

5. Copy the code and paste into a text editor to create a stand-alone web page that will display your photosphere in a full window.

6. Upload the HTML page to your preferred hosting platform.

If you want to embed the page just created into a website using an iFrame then the next step is to follow the instructions in the tutorial  '(Old) Embed your Photospheres in your blog/webpage'

Note: it's called (Old) because there was a new method created by Jim Popenoe but it has some issues and doesn't display the photosphere in mobile devices. So for now 'Old' is good.