Setting Equirectangular FOV - AutoPano Giga

This AutoPano Giga tip describes how to set the FOV for equirectangular images that may have been automatically cropped by AutoPano Giga during the Detect process.

Detect and Edit screens

In the screen above I've loaded 5, 8mm fisheye images, of a location on Delos Island, Greece. The detect option has stitched the 5 images and displayed it in the Edit window. However in the FOV settings for the image it's 360.00 x 176.36 instead of the 360.00 x 180.00 for a full equirectangular image.

Edit screen

The reason this happens is that AutoPano Giga may detect an area, usually the Naider, that doesn't contain any imagery and applies an autocrop to the image area. To resolve the issue and set the correct equirectangular FOV the crop needs to be reset.

Note: if you only build Equirectangular images and use a lens that leaves some blank area at the bottom of the image you may want to set your preferences to avoid this auto-cropping issue.

Setting your Preferences

1. Go to Menu/Autopano Giga/Preferences

2. In the popup window select the 'Panorma' tab

3. In the section 'Projection and crop' the Default Projection is 'Automatic' and the Default Crop is 'Clamp to panorama content'


Default Preferences


4. Change Automatic to 'Spherical' and change Clamp to panorama content to 'Maximum projection range'. Restart Autopano Giga to apply the changes.


Alternatively if you don't want to constrain your options you can use the following method on an ad-hoc basis.

Resetting the Crop

1. Select the 'Edit' button to open the edit options

Edit window

2. Select the 'Crop' button on the top menu. The yellow box around the image shows the current crop, the green box shows the full image area.

Edit window and Crop button

3. Select the 'Full Sphere (360x180)' button to reset the yellow box to the full image size. Note: Make sure you window is open large enough so you can select the green 'Check' to confirm the changes otherwise the change will not be applied.

Full Sphere & Check buttons

4. Close the Edit window to return to the main screen. The FOV on the Edit screen is not showing 360.00 x 180.00

Updated Edit screen with correct FOV

5. Build your image and save your project.

6. The final result. The Temple of Isis on the Greek Island of Delos