Adding Mag+ Reviewer to iOS Simulator Version 7.1

1. Download the zip file containing the Mag+ Reviewer and extract it to your desktop. Mag+ maintain a list containing the most current and previously released versions. You can find the download page at

2. Once you've downloaded the appropriate viewer app zip file extract the contents. You will end up with a file Mag+ Reviewer [Version Number}.app

3. Double click on the Mag+ This will install it, open iOS Simulator and launch the app.

Note: in my recent testing the latest Review 5.1.4 will only install the reviewer into an iPad Retina 64 device versions (iPad and iPhone). I have had a earlier version of the reviewer app running in a standard iPad iOS Simulator device but this one will only work in Retina 64.

Unfortunately this means that primarily you will use it scaled unless you are running on a device with a retina screen, and the bezel will no longer be displayed including the home button. 

You can trigger the home button from the menu Hardware/Home or use the shortcut โ‡งโŒ˜H

9. Open InDesign and add the push service address into the Mag+ Settings window. Open a Mag+ vertical and test the iOS Simulator by selecting a Fast Review.

Tip: When the install triggers the launch of iOS Simulator right click on the Dock icon and select Options/Keep in Dock that way it's easy to relaunch whenever you need it.

Creating training videos using Mag+ Reviewer 5.0.0 and iOS Simulator

I often create training videos using Mag+ and the iOS Simulator but the new version precludes that on my non-retina screens as I have to scale the device view below 100% to fit it on the screen. When I do this the bezel on the device is automatically removed and the effect of an active iPad is diminished. At the moment I can still use Mag+ Reviewer Version 5.0.0 in iOS Simulator Version 7.1 non-retina. 

1. Download the zip file containing the Mag+ Reviewer and extract it to your desktop. Note: this is a version from my server, the version downloaded from Mag+ will automatically install in the Retina version.

  • Download the 5.0 Mag+ Reviewer app [link coming shortly]

2. Manually launch iOS Simulator. You can do this by launching Xcode, going to the menu bar Xcode/Open Developer Tool/iOS Simulator. Once the simulator is open right click on the dock icon and select "Keep in Dock". This makes it easier to get to when you need it.

3. With iOS Simulator open tap on the Settings icon and under the General tab tap on About. Check what version number of iOS Simulator you are running.

4. Quit iOS Simulator

4. In the Finder menu bar select Go/Go to Folder and type in ~/library/Application Support/iphone simulator. This will open a Finder window with one or more folders labelled 7.0.3 or 7.1 etc. Find the folder that matches the version number of the iOS Simulator you are running.

5. Open the folder and drag the extracted Mag+ folder into the Applications folder

6. Close all of the folders and launch iOS Simulator from the dock.

7. When the Simulator is open check to see that there are two dots at the bottom of the page above iPad dock. If you do have two dots swipe to the second page and confirm that you can see the Mag+ Reviewer icon. If there aren't two dots make sure you installed Mag+ Reviewer into the correct version folder for iOS Simulator.

8. Open the Mag+ app and check the push service address. Add the address to your Mag+ Settings and you are ready to test your files.