Osteria alla Frasca - A hidden gem

The affable owner, Bruno at Osteria alla Frasca

August in Venice, it's hot and it's the height of the tourist season. We are not alone. Venice is packed with people and it's an ongoing exercise to avoid being poked in the eye with one of the ever present "selfie" sticks.

The restaurants in the main squares and those lining the canals are doing a great business, the tables are full and there are lines at most locations. So what do you do when all you want is casual dining with great food in a quiet locations that evokes the beauty of Venice? You Google "casual dining in Venice" and up pops Osteria alla Frasca.

The reviews were full of praise for the listing so we set to see if we could find this restaurant in the labyrinth of Venetian alleyways. It's not easy to find but it is well worth it. In a small square, Corte De La Corita, sits this lovely little restaurant run by the affable owner Bruno.

It's about 8:00pm when we are seated at a table for two under the awnings of this vine covered taverna. Bruno introduces himself and we throw ourselves on his mercy and let him select the dishes and the wine for our dinner. 

What a setting!

Buildings around the square

After all the hustle and bustle of the San Marco crowds this is an oasis of tranquility. The tiny square, hemmed in by the buildings that surround it seems miles away from the crowds and their noise. Occasionally a tourist will enter the square with a quizzical look on their face as they see the restaurant and then pass by into another alleyway off on their unknown quest.

The service offered by Bruno and the food and wine were excellent and were a perfect start to the first day of our France/Adriatic adventure. Every dish was fresh and full of flavour and the wine delicious. By the time we finished our meal the sun had set and we ventured off into the darkness to find our way back to the hotel.

In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much, that like others before us, we returned the next day for lunch.

To find the restaurant head toward Calle Cordoni street not far from the F.te Nove "B" ferry stop.