Fast Train to Venice

The bullet train waiting at the airport station in Flumicino

Approximately 24 hours after leaving Adelaide we arrived at Rome's Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Flumicino. Our final step in the long journey to Venice was a four hour, high speed, train journey. Fortunately for us the direct train left from the airport station and it was a relatively simple transfer from the airport to the platform and our waiting train.

I'd prebooked a first class ticket before leaving Adelaide, so we had the perfect seats, two opposite and a small table in between them. We'd arrived early and were the only people waiting on the platform so I took the opportunity to shoot the first 360˚ panorama of the trip.

There was quite a bit of work going on at the station, in fact most stations we frequented during our trip were undergoing some form of update. The guys working on the next platform over were quite curious as to the setup I was using and the multiple shots I was taking.

It wasn't long before others joined us on the platform and the doors to the carriages finally opened allowing us to board the train. We squared away all our bags and got settled for the trip.

I'd booked our journey before leaving Australia so I'd arranged for two seats facing each other with a small table in between them. As you can see it didn't take long for us to find the bar and enjoy a couple of local beers.

At the beginning of the trip the train was quite empty and we got chatting with a nice couple from Canada. He'd just had a couple of knee ops and was still on crutches but it was fun to hear their experiences so far and to share with them some of what we were doing.

After that it was just settle back and next stop Venice.