What does it look like?

What does it look like?

Update: 22/2/2016 - Included the new 360˚ embed option from Flickr

There are a number of free and paid 360˚ Panorama hosting sites that offer a range of services for panoramic photographers. The range of sites allow you to create tours, add multimedia elements, embed your panoramas/tours, publish to Google Earth and share via Social Media. The list is long and there is functionality to suit almost any requirement.

The question to ask yourself when choosing a site to host your panoramas is how do you want to be able to access and publish them outside of their respective sites. All of the sites allow you to embed your panorama in an external website and provide the code to do so. But, what does it look like when it's embedded?

If it's going to be embedded on your client site what will the interface look like, can you brand it with your own or the client's logo, will it work across mobile devices and desktops with and without Flash installed?

In this blog post I hope to show as many embedded versions as possible to show you exactly what each sites embedded panoramas look like and the functionality available.