What does it look like?

I'll start by listing the different sites where a panorama can be published and embed a panorama from each site. Each sample panorama is embedded using the code provided on the services site and only the width and height modified to fit this page.

Service: Round.Me - Free & Pro Versions
Features: Mobile Friendly - VR enabled - Single Panoramas & Tours

Published using the pro account.

Service: WalkInto - Free & Paid
Features: [free publishing has ads] - Mobile Friendly - Single Panorama & Tours - Hosting Options available

Service: 360Cities - Free & Paid -
Features: Mobile Friendly - Single Panorama 

Published using the free account

Service: Spinattic - Free & Paid
Features: Free - Unlimited Panoramas, Unlimited Tours, Geolocation, Privacy Settings, Friendly URL, Free Plugin Pack, WebVR. Paid - All of the free features plus Additional formats, Larger file size, Custom Signature, Mouse Control Settings, Autorotation Settings, Advanced Plugin Pack, Advanced Layouts Pack

Published using the free account

Service: Google Map Street View - Free
Features: Somewhat Mobile Friendly, Single Panoramas & Tours

Service: YouVisit - Free - Mobile Friendly - Single & Tours

Service: Holobuilder - Free & Paid - Mobile Friendly

Service: Flickr - Free & Paid
Features: Mobile Friendly. Unfortunately the player pinches the Zenith and Nadir.

Yellow Submarine Pig

Service: Kuula - Free & Paid
Features: Mobile Friendly, WebVr Support, Embed Editor. With Pro version you can have unlimited tours, add labels, custom hotspots, nadir and zenith patches, background audio, interactive cards and floor plans

Tony Redhead

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