360˚ Panoramas on Facebook


I've been experimenting with the new iFrame app integration on Facebook over the weekend and I've set up a page Red360 with a modified version of the Ulusaba 360˚ Virtual Tour. In order to register the username for the page I need 25 "likes" for the page. If you can help me out to reach that goal I'd certainly appreciate your help. Just use the link above and if you like it "like" it.

Update: 15 likes - 10 to go!

Update: Thanks to everyone that "liked" the page, we've made it past 25 and I've registered the username. Unfortunately Red360 was already taken but Monzstro Man came up with a great suggestion 'redthreesixty' and it's done. You can now find us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/redthreesixty