Blast from the Past

Kelly and I have been trying to finally sort out our bits and pieces and part of that process is cleaning out all of our storage spaces. Over the weekend I've been sorting through some old photos and I thought I'd post some just for fun.

Update 4/12: Well it's been almost 9 months since a blast from the past but today that's going to change. Kelly dragged out a couple of old boxes from storage and "oh my god" what did we find. These are some studio shots taken in the 70's during my modelling career in Perth. Love the hair.

That's what I call "Big Hair"

Love the cut of those jeans

Update 27/03: I've been down at storage, again, rummaging through boxes of old photos looking for some pictures to post on the Quantel Facebook page as it's the 30th Anniversary of the Paintbox when I came across this old modelling shot from the early days in Perth. This must be from around the late 70's, I think the Safari Suit gives it away.

(I'm sure Steve Whistler is going to love this one!)

Update 10/3: Oh oh, has the man no shame! Found another golden oldie the other day.  This time we go back to 1967 when I was a young art student at the South Australian School of Art. Now every year the University and associated institutions held what was called Prosh Day, see this Wikipedia entry for more info. Well I was coerced or volunteered, I can't remember which, and ended up in drag in the Miss Prosh competiton. This photograph, taken by The News in Adelaide shows me, in drag, sitting on the lap of a young man named Geoff Motley who just happened to be the coach of the Norwood Football team.

The prize was a full wardrobe of dresses from the shop of the lady sitting to the left of Geoff, and damn it but I almost won it. There was bit of an angry response from the crowd when the actual winner was announced and it wasn't me! Kelly says I look like a fat version of my daughter!!!

This is a picture taken on 16th March 1977 in Canberra, Australia during my modelling career. It was shot during a photoshoot for a billboard that read "Pick us up on 2CA!" Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the actual billboard and I have no idea who the young lady is.

For the next picture we travel forward in time to 1985, day and month unknown, but we definately know where we are, yes Tijuana, Mexico. My first trip from north of the border to south of the border with a dear friend of mine David Terrazas. David grew up in Southern California and his parents are originally from Mexico, so he was a great companion to travel with. The photo was taken on an old Kodak bellows camera attached to a wooden box that held the film. After taking the shot the photographer actually developed the film within the box.