Balls of Light on Fire

At the end of Denis Smith's Light painting workshop, after almost everyone had gone, and the warehouse was empty, Denis and I put together this demonstration piece showing several balls of light and coloured fire.

Don't forget to look up!

It's a bit tricky to shoot a 360˚ panorama in sections so I started with a backplate of the room lit and one of it dark incase I needed to fill in some of the holes after shooting the light painting. I'm shooting with a 15mm Canon lens so Denis had to stand almost in striking distance of the camera to shorten the field of view and avoid disappearing into the distance.

I'm sure we will get the opportunity to shoot some more light painted panoramas and I'm looking forward to shooting some stuff in the wild with Denis.

If you haven't read the original blog post about the workshop you can find it here at the Denis Smith Light Painting Workshop.

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