Location scouting, Armidale, NS

I had the pleasure to visit Armidale for the first time on Sunday for a quick 27 hour stay. The reason for the trip was to scout out locations in and around Armidale that would be suitable locations for shooting 360˙ panoramas.

Water cascading over the rocks at Ebor Upper Falls.

Suffice it to say I was blown away with the amazing scenery on Armidale's doorstep. I'll write some more soon but here's some images taken during this very quick visit.I was picked up at the Armidale airport by my host Tony Broomfield and his daughter Katie (our porter for the day). About half an hour later we'd picked up David Waugh and headed out to our first location the Ebor Upper Falls.

Walking around the top of the gorge there were flowers and butterflies in profusion

Butterfly and flowers everywhere

From Ebor we headed out to what turned out, for me, the highlight of the trip. A visit to the Weeping Rock in the New England National Park. Tony, with his sharp eyes, spotted a Lyre Bird the first I've ever seen in the wild.

Moss covered fallen tree along the path

The next morning we were out on the road again this time heading for Dangar Falls in the Wild Rivers National Park.

Classic countryside around Armidale

After Dangar we made a quick unscheduled stop at the Petersons Winery where I found this lovely arrangement in the dining room.

Floral Arrangement in Petersons Country Guesthouse

From there it was on to the Gara Gorge the site of Australia s first commercial Hydro-electric Scheme. It's an amazing site with the river flowing quickly through this jumble of huge granite boulders.

Granite boulders filling the river