Day #1 New Guinea Adventure

Packed, cleaned, packed some more, until it was so late or early, depending upon your point of view, that it didn’t make sense to go to bed.

Our flight to Cairns was scheduled for and 8:45am departure, we’d booked the car into the long term parking and figured leaving by 7am at the latest should give us plenty of time to make it to airport, park, check the bags in and leisurely stroll to the gate.

Hmm is this starting to sound a little bit like our experience at Johannesburg airport?
We arrived at the long term park and were waiting at one of the many bus stops by 7:30am and about ten minutes later a bus pulled up about ¾ full of people and bags. We managed to struggle aboard with all our bags, 2 large duffle type bags (with wheels), 2 North Face backpack bags, 1 backpack (with computer and gear) and one roll on (camera gear).

Unfortunately the bus had to make a couple more stops until it was really chock a block full with bags and people stuffed everywhere but finally it headed out of the car park.

We arrived at the terminal, arrivals level, instead of departure level just before 8am and joined the bag drop line. Both lines for check in were quite long and by the time we had our bags heading down the chute we were getting close to boarding time.

A bit more stress as the lines through security were long  but to cut a long story short we made it to the departure lounge, with a few minutes to spare, of course it was the one at the end of the terminal!

Standing in the alley at the Cafiend Cafe in Grafton St, Cairns

We landed in Cairns to find one of the Gravis bags had lost one of it’s wheels. After a quick check at a local skateboard shop who were super helpful we found out that Ollie from the café across from the shop had had the same problem and had a spare axel the only bit the skate shop didn’t have. Anyhow to cut a long story short the base that the axel screwed into was shot, the whole thing was in vain but it taught us that there are some very nice and very helpful people living in Cairns.

View of Cairns from the Holiday Inn

Later that evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the waterfront at the Waterbar and Grill. We indulged a bit in an amazing Chocolate Hazelnut pudding before retiring for the night.

The remains of a great Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding