Using Facebook Debugger

This is an alternate method for loading Panoramas created using the Pano2VR droplet as described in the tutorial 'Using Droplets to create 360˚ panoramas for Facebook Timeline, Google+ & Twitter'

Note: Facebook has a very aggressive caching regime and it can sometimes cause issues when upload content of this kind. Using the debugger page resolves any caching issues.

Opening Debugger

  1. Login to your Facebook page
  2. Open a new browser window or tab and go to the Facebook Debugger page at

Scraping the Information

  1. Enter the URL of the panorama you wish to post in the ‘Input URL’ text box. In this example I’m using
  2. Select ‘Fetch new scrape information’. The page will refresh and display content associated with the panorama

#1 Initial scrape information

Scroll down the page until you come to the ‘When shared, this is what will be included’ section. The section should look like this with an image of the panorama view and a ‘play’ button.

Note: If you are not seeing this scroll back to the top and select the ‘Fetch new scrape information’ again and may take a couple of goes to load it.

#2 'When Shared' panel

Publishing to your timeline

 With the data loaded we are now ready to create the post and share it.

  1.  Select the link ‘See this in the share dialog’
  2. A new tab will open displaying the image and options to select the Timeline for the post, a text field for a description of the post, a security selection and a Share link.
  3. Selecting the dropdown menu ‘On your own Timeline’ allows you to choose from a number of options;

    On your own Timeline

    On a friend’s Timeline

    In a group

    On a page you manage 

  4.  Select the location for the post, add in the description, select who can see the post and select Share link

#3 Share link window